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Mental Health

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Huntsman Mental Health Institute
Community Crisis Intervention & Support Service

Huntsman Mental Health Institute is here to keep all our family members, friends, and neighbors safe. We provide specialty programs to prevent mental health crises and support people through them if they happen. These programs support individuals struggling with mental health challenges and connect individuals to additional resources that can help them. Our team of professionals train in these areas:

  • mental health crisis management,

  • suicide prevention, and

  • emotional wellness.

We are here when you need us the most. Whether you need someone to listen or to show up when you really need them, we are here for you.


Weber State University Outdoor Recreation     At-Home Resources

This website provides multiple resources for working out at home to maintain a positive mental outlook.

Website: At Home Workout Resources

Contact:  |  801-626-7519

Weber Human Services

Open M-F, 9 am-5 pm.  (Go here for additional updates.)

  • Physical Health Clinic is open 9 am - 5 pm.

  • Crisis Services available 9-5 with after hours handled as normal.

  • Individual therapy is being done by Telehealth or phone.

Local authority for substance abuse, mental health and senior service programs for Weber and Morgan Counties. Provides walk-in mental health crisis interventions during business hours. Weber and Morgan County substance abuse and mental health Medicaid provider hosts dozens of human services programs that help vulnerable groups including at-risk youth, the elderly, youth and adults suffering from mental illnesses, and those recovering from addictions.

General Counseling Services (McKay-Dee)

Adult, adolescent, and child mental health and substance abuse outpatient and residential services offered to individuals, families and groups. Outpatient services include individual and group behavior management, individual and group therapy, and medication management. 


Individuals eligible for Medicaid and who reside in Weber, Davis, and Morgan counties are eligible. Limited services are available for individuals who have no insurance or other payment sources and are based on funding and availability. There is no cost for services, except where co-pays apply and when private insurance is billable. Pick up and complete new patient paperwork prior to scheduling an appointment. 


Call the main line to schedule an appointment or for crisis help. Interpreters are available when necessary.

Ogden Regional Medical Center- Behavioral Health

To speak to a mental health specialist, call 855-755-5955.

At Ogden Regional Medical Center, we are dedicated to treating mental health patients in the Greater Northern Utah community with compassion and dignity. Our mental disorder doctors are "trauma aware," and understand that past experiences, or "trauma," can have a significant influence on an individual's current experience.


When a patient first visits our unit for an assessment, we specifically ask about past trauma as a way to help us develop improved treatment planning, greater understanding of a patient's current behavior and an increased awareness of traumatic triggers to help prevent re-injury.

Being sensitive to the personal life experiences of each patient and showing genuine empathy are essential to the healing process, which is why this is something all of our patients can expect to see from each member of our staff.

In Person Crisis Intervention (McKay-Dee)

Licensed professionals are available that provide an emergency consultation from a psychiatrist. Emergency services can be obtained by walking in during office hours. Weber Human Services and McKay-Dee Hospital determine conjointly the need for psychiatric hospitalization. All Weber, Davis, and Morgan County residents are eligible, regardless of age, ability to pay, etc. Interpreters are available when necessary.

McKay-Dee Behavioral Health

McKay-Dee Behavioral Health provides inpatient and outpatient mental health services for adult and pediatric populations. They offer Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) courses, which help deal with stress and provide mental clarity.

For Financial Assistance call (801) 442 - 1023

For Outpatient Scheduling call (801) 387 - 5600

For Summit Day Treatment call (801) 387 - 4970

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