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Visit the Ogden Weber Chamber of Commerce website for Employment Opportunities from local businesses.

Department of Workforce Services


How to apply for unemployment insurance.


What to do after you file for unemployment insurance.

Click here for a list of volunteers ready to assist you!

4/7/2020:  Click on links for:  FAQ for filing your weekly claim and unemployment insurance claims process overview.

3/20/2020:  Visit the Department of Workforce Services COVID-19 webpage for updated resources and services. At this time, DWS offices remain open during regular business hours, but we strongly encourage the use of telephone and online tools as mush as possible, including live online chat during business hours.

Temporary Layoff Virtual Workshop held daily. M -F, 10 am - 2 pm. Register at


Looking for an employment solution? Contact the local Department of Workforce Services for assistance:

Upskilling or New Career?

Want to find educational opportunities to help you reach your career goals? Take a look at our Upskilling Opportunities​ page!



Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Expanded Family and Medical Leave

03/18/2020 The House and Senate passed and President Trump signed the Families First Corona Virus Response Act into law. Read an NPR article HERE. Read the full Act HERE. Read the Department of Labor's information on the Act HERE.

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